She feared anesthesia ~ Messages of Love Story by Alex: I was walking in a lovely old neighborhood with trimmed landscapes,  mature trees, and flowering...
Dream ~ Angel Message:  What do you dream of doing if money were no object, and there were no barriers? Close your eyes and envision, as if...
Enthusiasm ~ Angel Message: A glimpse into the new year gives you a burst of energy and enthusiasm. Spirit delivers a message in a dream,...
Fortitude: Angel Message Your spirit carries on with great fortitude. You’re courageous amidst pain or adversity. Possessing a zen-like attitude, you emanate a serene calmness...
Message of Love from Jackie: My grandparents recently visited me in a dream where we were gathered in a waiting room of a hospital. They...
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A trusting relationship

August 8, 2022

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August 1, 2022

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July 26, 2022