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Release ~ Angel Message: 

Release your grip on the past that brings you grief. It no longer serves your welfare, now or in the future. The past is only an illusion that you choose to conjure up in your mind on repeat. It is an albatross that weighs you down, keeping you stuck and stagnate. The past does not strengthen but weakens your resolve to live. Letting go of the past allows you to embrace life now.

Releasing the past frees you to press on in new ways. Opportunities appear when you unleash old hurt. People can willingly enter and exit your life for your higher good. When you surrender old heartache, existing relationships are enriched – including the one with yourself that gives you strength and courage to take calculated risks. And you’ll feel lighter and better about yourself. More importantly, inspiration flows for making the right life choices.

Make a conscious intention to release the past now. There are many ways to give up heavy burdens from yesterday, such as exercise, journaling, counseling, and or channeling it into a creative outlet. If your pursuits have failed, try another way to loosen painful memories hold on you. And or incorporate this simple exercise; Inhale a deep breath and on the exhale, visualize expelling whatever/whoever from your heart. See it drift away from you into a light far away and above and give thanks for restoring your soul to harmony. Repeat this exercise until you no longer entertain thoughts associated that do not provide you with peace. You will be free to live again.

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