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Need ~ Angel Message: 

You have all that you need to make it through the coming day(s), week(s), and year(s). You often confuse the difference between what you ‘want’ and what you ‘need.’ Wants are superfluous; they are like the whipped cream and a cherry on top. They are an added life bonus. Typically, wishes come true when you’ve let go of the idea that they are vital to your survival. You are enough not only to survive but to thrive. If you believe otherwise, take a closer look and notice the air you breathe, the shelter to take cover in a storm, and the food you eat. Like the sunshine that helps a flower bloom, you have all you require to fuel your soul.

Take your needs into consideration for setting new year resolutions. You’ll make little progress if you wait around to fulfill specific wants before achieving your desired goals. Waiting on people to show up, a particular time or date, or for money and resources will set up roadblocks to moving forward—no more excuses. You already have it all; BE all that you are now, with all that you HAVE, and then DO it now in the ‘present’ moment. And you’ll witness that your wants will appear in life’s flow.

Be grateful for the fulfillment of your needs. Gratitude sends out high vibrations to attract more good to you. You lack nothing to achieve your innermost desires. Lack equals fear (failed expectations appearing real) and detracts you from witnessing what is already given to you, whereas love and appreciation attract more abundance. Being thankful fulfills what you ‘want’ in ways beyond your imagination and can exceed your wildest expectations.

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