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Power ~ Angel Message:

Take back your power. You have unlimited potential but guilty of putting restrictions around your capacity to be, do, and have all the world has to offer. And you allow other people, society, institutions to define who you are, that confines your growth. In truth, you are unbounded and have free will to choose differently. You are love and loved beyond any measure with abilities that far outreach your imagination.

Let go of ideas, thoughts, and things that restrict your power. Yesterday you is not you today. Each day is a new beginning to BECOME the person you imagined. You are forever growing, evolving, and never complete. Challenge your doubts, worries, and fears. You are not these thoughts of inadequacy. They can’t define you unless you allow them to permeate into conditions and habits, living life confined. Clear away the old tapes and choose again to live each precious moment.

People, society, and institutions do not limit your power. You allow them to set boundaries upon your soul. Their conditions are by design to control and increase their power by taking away yours, testing your spirit’s resiliency, strength, and courage to do more extraordinary things. Unleash their hold upon you, physically, mentally, and or emotionally; limit your time, if not avoid, anyone who makes you feel less than and or insignificant. No longer give them permission to choose who you are and what you can do. Prove your unmistakable worth, not by manipulation or aggression or force, but by being the person you are meant to be.

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