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VIP Message for Cato: Happy New Year! I am writing to you once again for some guidance. I have written to you several times over the past few years and everything you said has come true. I teach at a Catholic School. This is my fifth year at the school. I do love it there, but I need to make more money as I have two teenage daughters. I need to help them pay for their schooling. My question is do you see me staying at my current school or moving to another school or to another career altogether?  Any information will be greatly appreciated!
Medium Laura Lee: I believe you answered your own question in the first sentence (to stay) by the statement, ‘I do love it…’  Yet, your head is making it more difficult with this statement ‘but I need to make more money.’ Your concern is legitimate as a parent. However, there are other solutions you haven’t considered and or haven’t presented themselves yet.  For instance, the girls will have financial assistance from other sources other than you at that time. One, in fact, is willing to work for her education. Specifically, towards a scholarship ~ maybe sports oriented to confirm this message. So rest easy that you are holding sole accountability for their education. Besides, at that time, the girls will officially be adults. They can help work towards their scholastic goals which will help them survive in this real world ~ just like their mom did 🙂 It took you lots of work, and a long road, to finally arrive where you are now.
You’re getting far too ahead of yourself into the future with needless worry. Take the time you have NOW, this is the present moment, to LOVE what you do ~ including making the most of anytime available with your girls while they are still close by! Don’t let this fear steal that time away. Anytime you find yourself fret over the situation, release the thought immediately. Take a deep breathe and affirm (quietly or out loud), ‘I’m so grateful that my girls have the financial means to graduate their formal education.’ Visualize them receiving their diplomas. Turn your fear into love ~ and it is done. Your girls have a fabulous roll model in a mother!
Reread, if you haven’t already,  Angel Message for Week: LOVE or for Angel Message for New Year: TRUST
Hope that helps. Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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