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Huge cleanse
VIP Message for Ella: My parents passed within nine months of each other; Dad in June and Mom in April. Last month, our home had a few things happen that were quite strange and made me take notice.
– light bulbs blew out; 3 times in 2 consecutive days
– a fuse button got tripped 5 times in a day
– kitchen pipes got stuck 
– a salt lamp in child’s room melted. The lamp was watery wet.  
– a sound in the master bedroom woke me. I was the only person around.
Days before all this, my husband announced he needed a new job in three months time (I did have a dream that morning about this dilemma and later he confirmed this unexpected news ~ I was so scared.) I am “guessing” my parents (or Universe) had something to inform us. That we need a huge cleanse for great change.  Please help connect and see what messages my parents want to impart.
Medium Laura Lee: I’m sorry to hear the news about your parents. It doesn’t surprise me to find that they departed so close to one another as it is a common phenomena, especially two people that spent their life together. Spirit energy is at a higher vibration than our own. It can effect electrical devices, sometimes move objects and even make noises. When these sort of incidents occur and a loved one comes to mind, trust (Angel Message for New Year 2017) that they are indeed trying to get your attention. Sometimes it’s nothing more than simply to say ‘hello’ or ’no worry, we I am here by your side’ or ‘I love you.’ Please understand that there is no need for  ‘guessing’ their involvement. They remain close by because they are dear to your heart and you communicate to them often to remain close.
I learned that you and your husband had plans to leave the area in due time. I sense it is all well intended, because your husband wasn’t particularly happy and really frustrated with his employer  because he felt powerless in his role to implement change. It was beyond his control ~ and has no baring on his value to contribute at another institution as an experienced authority. This is why a higher power is working in your favor to simply push you to go sooner than later as expected. You’ve both discussed returning abroad to a British territory/colony. A major move like this is bigger than yourselves ~ love for your child and their education. IF this resonates, then go in this direction most immediately. Activate your contacts and head hunters to pursue work in those areas ~ which you may have already begun this process.
To use your words, the ‘huge cleanse’ involves more clean energy at a global level for your husband. And while this may not hit the three month mark due date ~ the timing will be perfectly arranged for your family to land on your feet. The cleanse, at a micro level, is focusing on your own well being during this transition  ~giving yourself more tender loving care with the essential basics; rest, eating right, exercise and social outlets to keep your energy up ~ especially as you grieve the loss of family and a job. To confirm this message, there’s concern about cancer running in the family line. A female was plagued by the disease more than once in her lifetime. When our defenses are down with fatigue, low energy, it is hard to combat dis-ease. Stay in the game of life by taking action now.
Hope that helps. Keep me posted. Sending you love and light during your transition in 2017.
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