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Love is real
Angel Message:
Love is the only thing real.

You are always and forever loved. You are never separate from love, even when you don’t feel its presence. As a spiritual being, you are divine love incarnated as a human to experience it manifested in form. By giving and receiving love, life thrives. Science is only now discovering how life expands through loving, nurturing, reciprocal relationships. Fear contracts life expectancy. Pay witness to love-deprived war-torn countries that crumble away or when a plant dies due to neglect from sun or rain. It’s not wealth, fame, or accumulation of possessions where you find love’s flow. And romance is not in itself all love. By sharing yourself and your gift(s) with the people in your world, love flourishes, and life prospers abundantly.

Love is open, warm, kind, joyful, peaceful, and patient.

Love is not pain. When you stop sharing love with yourself and deprive others of your gift, and tenderness, you stop receiving the miracles life offers. Resisting its delicate flow causes pain, leaving you feeling disassociated and unloved, that you are somehow unworthy is a false perception. It brings forth dis-ease in the body, which can make you ill. The planet’s imbalance and harm upon human life – all life – stems from souls that have forgotten their true nature. Sharing pain, intentionally or unintentionally, brings more pain. The next time you feel alone and scared, disconnected, consciously give yourself love to restore balance and open your heart to feel it all around you.

Love is everything the world has to offer you.

Love’s the air that you breathe, giving you life. It’s the birds singing their praises above the traffic noise to you. The sun kissing your cheeks and caressing you in its warm blanket of light on a winter day is love. The breeze whispers sweet nothings in your ear to let you know you are in love’s presence. Stop to cherish life’s simple blessings taken for granted and embrace the love that surrounds you daily.


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