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Ex haunts dreams
VIP Spirit Message for Tracy:


I divorced 13 years ago, yet my ex haunts my dreams. The dreams aren’t bad, but it’s like we’re still together, and we never split up. We don’t even stay in contact or communicate, so I don’t understand the frequency of my dreams. He’s remarried, with two children, for about 12 years now. He named one of his children the name we had decided upon together, which upset me for a long time. I admit that in the past, I thought I had made a mistake by divorcing because I thought our love would last forever. And I couldn’t shake the thoughts for years despite his cheating lies. However, now I don’t have any regrets about our divorce. I’m currently planning a new life with another man. Can you give me any insight into why he still haunting my dreams? Tracy

Medium Laura Lee: 

Having frequent dreams about an ex is common. 


It isn’t always a prophetic message that you are supposed to reconnect with this person in the future but that you’re still dealing with similar issues in the existing relationship that are unresolved matters from your past. Usually, when the past resurfaces, it is the subconscious trying to heal. To move forward, you must clear your history ~ it’s like removing and clearing your browser cache; it’s history to reboot. 


You fear moving forward in your new relationship. 


It may be blocking you from putting both feet in to commit wholeheartedly. Your expectations of ‘our love would last forever’ were unmet, and you fear it can happen again based on current circumstances. Fear is an acronym for – failed expectations appearing real. Examine where there is overlap from your past to existing relationships that cause concern and address it head-on with your current love. 


Love IS forever. 


You can still love someone from your past but know it was the best decision to let go for everyone’s higher good. Your heart has room to grow and share love with another person. Let the past go by, blessing the thoughts and dreams about your ex. Thank the heavens for helping you release the burden and restore your heart with love to embrace your new partner. I recommend using this exercise every night before sleep to neutralize your worry and open the heart to love again. I believe the haunting dreams will go away.

A former military officer, a father figure associated with your ex or you, watches over you. He is helping your heart move on because you deserve happiness like your ex. Keep me posted!


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