Meant to be ~ VIP Message: Any guidance for the relationship with my boyfriend Luke; is he meant to be in my life long term?...
Respect - Angel Message
Respect ~ Angel Message: Respect yourself to deserve the same respect. If you feel deflated by how another person mistreats you, it’s time to put...
Empathetic ~ Angel Message:  Your empathetic nature is becoming of you. Being sensitive is not a weakness but a strength. It is a positive trait...
Compassionate ~ Angel Message: Your heart is compassionate towards another person. There was friction between you two previously, but airing grievances explores your strained dynamic. Processing...
Balance: Angel Message
Balance ~ Angel Message; Life is a balancing act. It isn’t easy juggling your health, relationships, career, and finances on an even keel. Something always...
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Trust guidance

Trust guidance

June 1, 2022

What physical signs

May 16, 2022

Crystal clear

May 3, 2022