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Bark worse than bite

Bark worse than bite ~ VIP Message for Lou; 

This question may be to complex for an email but here it goes…I have a younger brother that has had, for a long time, some sort of undiagnosed mental illness. The family has always chosen to ignore it or bury their head in the sand. I have always known it was there. Recently Ma crossed over. And my brother convinced Dad to redo the whole kitchen because of a leak in the ice maker. I started questioning a couple of things such as why shut off the water and why there was no hurry to get it back on? I got my head bitten off for questioning his judgement which is something my brother has always done to all of us, along with being verbally abusive. When the job was over he wanted to make up and hug. I said I wasn’t ready. He went insane and threatened to kill me twice. Then he made a big scene outside the house. Fortunately, Dad pulled up and I left. Over the years, my brother has also threatened two mass shootings. Once, a long while ago, at a place where he (brother) worked and most recently, because someone robbed him. He will not seek professional help. I hope you have insight for us to get out of this. Do we need to worry; Is his bark worse than his bite?  Sincerely, Lou

Laura Lee; Your note is extremely disconcerting Lou. The hair rose on the back of my neck and there was a kick in my gut which are spirit (intuitive) signals to step back. I recommend listening to my blog; How spirit signals us to fall back which identifies warning signs. Your feelings are not to be ignored! And your brothers threats are not to be taken lightly. Since he is an adult, there is nothing you can do to change him. However, I recommend the following steps. 

With all mediumship aside, and speaking as a spiritual counselor ~ I advise you to go to the local police department and put your brother on their radar in the event crazy transpires. I know you seek other options, as he is family, however, you’d regret it if you hadn’t done something early to warn or prevent his actions from harming others ~ let alone himself.  

I ALSO recommend these energy healing strategies that I know will work in this situation; 

1) Surrender your brother. Anytime anxiety comes to your mind, regarding your brother and his threats, surrender those thoughts ~ as well as him ~ into love and light. Take a deep inhale of light into your heart (visualize it) and exhale through your heart the heaviness of your brother. Visualize he is sent off (with your breathe), far away until he disappears into the light. AND / OR you can visualize handing him over to Archangel Michael (angel who banishes all fear in surrender of love). Michael is a big angel dressed in armor with sword, who swoops your brother away into the heavens like superman. Finally, state out loud (if possible), “I surrender my (brother’s name) into your love and light to guide over his actions to do the right things onto others ~ and himself.” 

2) Surround your family in protection. See all your loved ones, collectively together, surrounded by a bubble of light and love ~ that radiates it unto the world around you. AND / OR visualize Archangel Micheal wrapping his wings of protection around all of you. Nothing can enter your families protective field unless it matches the vibration. Finally, state out loud (if possible), “Thanks for your loving protection; emotionally, mentally and physically for my family.” 

The key is stating gratitude with breath, feeling the love from the heart (which maybe hard to do initially, but gets easier with time). Practice vigilantly ~ even if things appear okay. Also, speak the affirmation from your heart of hearts.  

I personally put these exercises to practice ~ before resting, upon waking for my day and anytime fearful thoughts cross my mind. As a result, I witness miracles all the time. My family just got into a car accident the other day ~ without a scratch.  This doesn’t mean we can control external factors, but by changing the things we can control, which is ourselves (our mind and how we respond), we can bring relief from worry and fear to move forward with our daily lives. This all might be a stretch for you Lou, however, I promise this will help restore peace of mind regarding the burden you bare. 

Your Ma does appear ~ she hears you fretting over this matter. And in fact, you may have asked for her guidance. She recognized the bad behavior too. And if the idea of speaking to the local PD has circled in your mind, or someone else mentioned it as an option (family/friend), she only confirms the validity of this message. 

Hope this helps ~ keep me posted. Blessings to you and your family, LL

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