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Feel so empty

VIP Message for Joe; I feel so empty, like I’m waiting for something that never happens. I am lonely, but grateful for what I have and who I have. It doesn’t, however, fill the void. Is my life always going to be this boring? Thank you, Joe

Laura Lee; Your life is what you make it Joe. Who you’re waiting for is YOU. Be your own best friend. Nothing or no one will fill the emptiness. Not to say someone or something won’t appear to fill that space ~ they will ~ but, it is only temporary. It will always be boring if you don’t make a change now. 

Your work environment may contribute to your drain which disconnects you from spirit. I feel you may give too much of yourself over to others, expect little in return, sacrificing yourself in the process. Find healthy boundaries. I see you are surrounded by a team of people at work. There is a sense you are a natural leader. You may have lost sight of your participation in this group dynamic. They depend on you and seek your guidance. Exceed your own expectations, and those you lead, by setting new goals . 

Expanding outside your comfort zone is where you grow, you’re challenged, and life is more exciting. 

Give yourself more tender loving care.  Engage in a life outside work. I suggest you dedicate time doing things you love. However, if you don’t know what that is anymore, take opportunities around you by learning something new.  Take a class. I recommend classes that you can physically interact ~ not only online. Join a group/club OR start a group that interest you. Check out Meet up . com  for fun. Join an organization that makes a difference in the community. Socially engaging will make help you reconnect. 

You are not living life with purpose. You’ve got to reach down deep inside and ask yourself what do I want out of life?  What does that look like for you? How would it feel? We all have the small voice within (divine guidance) that says what to do and you’re not paying attention to it. I get the sense if you could do it all over, you’d be somewhere other than where you are now. It’s never too late! 

Truly grateful for who or what you have in life, read Angel Message; Blessings

PS I recommend watching Rhonda Byrne’s; The Secret

Hope that helps. Bless, LL

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