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Peace on Earth
Angel Message:
Peace on Earth begins with you.

Tranquility seems like an elusive destination sometimes, but it’s not. You already possess it, but it depends on how you expend your energy. If you’re sad, you send out that vibration to receive a world that reflects your misery. Mad, your environment will put other angry people in your path. You can’t find harmony by looking to the past that caused your grief, and it will not magically appear in the future if you were someone, something, or somewhere different. You can’t travel to it, and you can’t buy it. Your soul is at peace by being present. Seize the moment now.

Peace of mind is a priceless gift for self.

It is also the greatest blessing to share with others. Being present and sharing your time sends a positive rippling effect to those in your field. Anytime you worry, it only makes the problems more significant, impacting others around you. If you focus too long, it can spin out of control, creating more trouble. Surrender your concerns on a cloud, and watch them drift away. Give thanks that it’s quickly resolved. Then refocus your attention on the now to restore calm.

Ordinary moments are where you can find peace.

Engaging your five senses can raise serenity in your consciousness. It’s simple to discover with practice by paying attention to what you see, feel, smell, and hear now. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Gaze at the moon. Listen to the wind whisper in your ear, or pay attention to a friend, family member, or stranger sharing their story. Stop to smell a rose or inhale a cup of morning coffee. Cuddling your pet or giving a hug can transcend stress. Please don’t take the mundane for granted; it is a balm for the anxious spirit.

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