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You’re never alone
Messages of Love Story by Diana
I remember when you said, “you’re never alone.”

I had one of those days when I felt like no one cared, and I felt lonely. I tried asking a couple of people I knew if they’d like to walk with me, but everyone was too busy or ignored my text or call. It feels like the same story when I want to talk with someone other than a therapist; they’re either too busy or don’t respond. And its’ not like the response comes an hour or two later; sometimes, there’s never a response. It’s as if they don’t see me. I feel like a ghost to the people in my life, friends or other family members, even my teenage kids. That might not be all true, but I thought ‘whoa’s me’ was my truth that day.

But, I went on my walk again, like I often do alone.

I started talking to myself. I know it sounds crazy (or maybe not to you!), but I ensured no one was around when speaking to the air. I began talking to my guardian angel as if they were walking beside me, openly sharing my feelings about how I felt unseen and unheard. And I said, “if you are watching over me, listening, show me a sign. Not a bird, the sun, a cloud, or a flower because I see all those things. I need something that I know you’re with me, that is evident and tangible to demonstrate you’re here with me.

Then I came across a big tree limb that blocked the trail.

I had to figure out if I should go around, over it, or turn back. We had a storm that must have knocked it to the ground because I had never seen it there before on any of my other walks. Eventually, I climbed through the branches to keep moving because I still needed to say my peace! Right after, my thought derailed when I remembered something I had to text my kids so they (or I) wouldn’t forget.

When I took hold of my phone, I saw my guardian angel’s sign.

Without entering my phone code, I saw a prayer gif appear front and center on its screen. The animated image was prayer hands that transformed into a peace dove that flew off. It was on a loop that replayed. I stood there watching it over and over in awe, trying to grasp that someone was listening to me! I’ve never seen this meme before, as I rarely if never, use gifs to communicate with other people. But, it appears my guardian angel is technically adept because their message made me feel comforted and not alone.

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