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Trust guidance
Angel Message: Trust
Trust your inner guidance.

Many of your daily signals go unnoticed, but the body recognizes intuitive cues. When the body is tired, rest. Feeling inspired to make a change, move with the moment. When you feel sick, stop. But get going if you’re feeling terrific. If you spontaneously change the course of your direction from left to right or right to left, and it feels okay, do it. And by all means, always follow your bliss. Become aware of these simple rules to fine-tune your approach to living productively. Most importantly, you’ll witness daily miracles for a more fulfilling life. 

Trust your dreams as they’re revealed to you there for a reason.

Only trust the visions that empower you, and not disempower. Anything other emerges from fearing your light. Your ideas inspire life with purpose. Keep a journal to record your dreams to give them energy and eventually life. Keep those dreams at the forefront of your mind and don’t ever let them go. Keep moving towards your ideas to express them until they become a reality. Your soul inhabits a body and mind, not to sit idle, but to create in service for the higher good.  

Trust your heart as it always knows what’s right for you.

Feelings are the beacon of your truth. If you sense warmth, peace, love, and joy, move towards that desire immediately and without hesitation because the opportunity is fleeting. If you overthink, analyze, and find reasons why you ‘can’t,’ shouldn’t,’ ‘you aren’t enough,’ or ‘you lack resources,’ it is because your ego wants you to play small. If you sense a sharp pain, burning sensation, or nausea (feel bad), step back from the situation, person, or place for greater clarity, and it will come. 

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