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You feel fortunate
Angel Message:
You feel fortunate in your affairs with other people.

Where doors were once closed, they are opening for you to walk through with ease. Your guardian angel has heard your request and offering a helping hand. Let go of any preconceived ideas of how you’re not deserving, that it’s too good to be true, or questioning people’s ulterior motives. It is much simpler than that; they believe in you because you believe in yourself.

Fortunate people know they’re blessed, and they come to expect it.

You realize how a previous setback was part of a bigger plan, not a failure. Instead, you saw the opportunity to redirect your attention to other important matters that have since allowed you to learn, grow and expand. The previous experiences made you grateful that you’ve come as far as you have, given what little you thought you had. You are ‘rich’ in spirit. 

Being fortunate, you wisely reign over your financial matters.

When people open doors, notice how your energy shifts monetary gains in your life. You’ll see valid proof that currency is streaming in and giving you more breathing space. Watch how money appears in unconventional ways, including more in your pocket too. Pay no attention to the news, especially anything about recessions, because you’re rising above it. You asked for abundance in many ways, and it is done.

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