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Crystal clear
Angel Message: 
You are crystal clear about what to do about an unresolved issue.

Previously, you were feeling your way around in the dark, looking for an open door. Running into walls, giving yourself a headache, trying to figure your way out of a maze. Nothing made sense, and you seemed stuck inside, not making any progress. You spent a lot of the time in your head, replaying your steps or trying to find a new passageway. Then, an angel whispers the answer that guides you. And the light makes it transparent for you to walk through the door.

Divine timing makes everything clear.

It had nothing to do what you did, right or wrong.  And some things, and people, are not to be fixed. People learn through the experience of living. The key was when you finally gave up. You gave yourself a break from the pressure of trying too hard. Allowing yourself to rest goes a long way. Letting go evaporates trouble. With blocks released, then the answer has the space to surface. You go into action, and everything comes together like you always knew it would – only now, it is the right time.

With a clear vision, your path is free from obstructions to go onward.

There’s no need to figure out why your tactics weren’t workable solutions. Grace seamlessly makes all systems function. And anyone who failed your expectations, rise to the occasion. Not because they are asked, but because they want to own their own accord. It seems like whatever issue that held you back has disappeared. And you can see clearly that it all makes sense. And all is good in the world.

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