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To rise above
Spirit Story Message To Rise Above:


Hello friends,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m thrilled to share an episode of the Radio Medium podcast, where we delve into the spirit world and connect with those who have crossed over. In this episode, we welcomed Travis from Michigan, a first-timer, to our show. Travis was new to mediumship, and I could sense his apprehension. I reassured him, encouraging him to breathe and relax.


His journey was touching as we connected with his late brother.


As we began our conversation, I felt a playful presence. A young man, possibly in his early 20s or late teens, appeared behind Travis, putting him in a playful headlock. This description resonated with Travis, who confirmed this was his brother, Clayton. Clayton reminded me that I had the pleasure of reconnecting his spirit with his mother, Melissa, whom I’ve also had the honor of communicating with on the show. Bringing these comforting messages from the other side is always a joy.


One of the most poignant moments was Clayton’s passing in 2008.


The pain still feels fresh, and the family’s healing journey continues. Travis shared their concerns about Clayton’s spirit peacefully reaching the afterlife. I reassured him that Clayton was in heaven, accompanied by a grandfather figure to comfort them in their grief.


Our conversation also touched on his brother’s addiction issues.


Clayton’s spirit pointed out that his brother struggled with alcoholism, even more so after his passing. He added that his brother did not need to suffer in silence and that he had his support to help him rise above the addiction. It was a reminder that the spirit world can provide aid during our most challenging times. This episode is a testament to the enduring bonds of family, addiction struggles, and spiritual connection’s healing power – we’re never truly alone. I invite you to join me on this spiritual journey by tuning into your spirit daily on the Radio Medium Laura Lee Podcast.


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Photo by Julia Larson

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