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Hold the light
Spirit Story Message: Hold the light


Are you seeking guidance on supporting your loved ones through difficult times?


I had the pleasure of speaking with Anne, who called in seeking advice on how to help her grown child with mental health issues.  As a radio medium, I connected with Anne’s deceased parents and guided her in supporting her child’s spiritual path. They advised her to step away from the situation by letting her son figure things out independently. His drinking, and reckless behavior, were taking a toll on her well-being. I recommended she hold him in the highest light, affirming his health and sending positive vibes to him every day and night.

“you gotta pull yourself out of the dynamic and let him (adult son) figure it out because your worry about him only compounds the situation.”

Anne mentioned that she has her son on many prayer chains. Prayer is a beautiful way to show support for our loved ones and free ourselves by having faith in their process. It’s important to remember that we can’t control everything, but we can control our thoughts and energy. By sending positive vibes, we can help our loved ones feel supported and loved. Remember, we all have the power to support and uplift each other. Let’s spread the positive energy of love wherever we go. As Anne’s parents said, “We are always with you, and we love you.”


In times of hardship, it can be helpful to seek spiritual guidance.


If you’re struggling or looking for spiritual guidance, tune into your spirit daily by subscribing to the Radio Medium Laura Lee podcast on your favorite forum, rate it, and share it with family and friends. Remember, you’re not alone; there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow. Bless, Laura Lee


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