Sisters & Brothers

Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Sisterhood & Brotherhood Order’ reunites your soul group for a divine purpose. A blood relative, or not, your hearts resonate; They speak the same language. It’s an inclusive group, not exclusive, and constitutes the highest order of love because you’ll find unity where there once was a division over other matters. Your brothers and sisters raise one another up by simply standing together towards a common goal for a period of time. Remain open how you are drawn to participate in a group(s) where there are like interest for a common cause. In some cases, this may have already begun for you. Its just this week, your work, together, is elevated for transformation to occur. This social connection enriches life such as increasing vitality, restores hope, and gives life balance. This songs comes to mind; You raise me up by Josh Groban ~Keep me posted. Happy Holidays to you and yours, LL


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