A feeling of unrest ~ VIP Message for Angie:  Why the feeling of unrest and unhappiness? Laura Lee; Sorry to hear you’re feeling unrest, Angie....
Balance: Angel Message
Balance ~ Angel Message; Life is a balancing act. It isn’t easy juggling your health, relationships, career, and finances on an even keel. Something always...
Adventure ~ Angel Message: Make every day a new adventure. You don’t have to cross the world to change the scenery. Shake things up with...
Angel Message for June: Patience. You actively engage patience by increasing a higher threshold. Don’t lose your cool by letting others get under your skin....
Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Sisterhood & Brotherhood Order’ reunites your soul group for a divine purpose. A blood relative, or not, your...
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August 8, 2022

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August 1, 2022

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July 26, 2022