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Angel Message for December: The ‘Angel of Obedience’ reminds you to pay attention and follow all signals. IF inner and outer signals are not simpatico, always trust your inner wisdom! Feelings that radiate from the heart are your guidepost. If you sense warmth, peace, love and joy ~ it feels good; GO! Move forward without hesitation because the opportunity maybe fleeting. When you over think, analyze, rationalize and or find reasons why you ‘can’t or shouldn’t’ ~ this is when you’ll get into trouble and trip over your own feet. IF, however, you sense a sharp pain, burning sensation such as heartburn, and or nauseated ~ it feel bad; STOP! Step aside from the situation, person, or place for greater clarity. IF you are still unclear, ask this angel to provide a tangible sign ~ LISTENING is the most effective tool of communication.  When you listen and follow inner guidance, you’ll discover a new found appreciation for trusting YOU; Giving you strength, courage and power to embrace the New Year.  Keep me posted. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Laura Lee

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