Going to trust ~ Messages of Love by Mia:  Hello, dear Laura ~ I recently listened to you tell one of your callers (on Radio...
Empathetic ~ Angel Message:  Your empathetic nature is becoming of you. Being sensitive is not a weakness but a strength. It is a positive trait...
The bluebird ~ Message of Love from Susie: It’s been a tough couple of years since we lost mom a few years back. My mother...
Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Sisterhood & Brotherhood Order’ reunites your soul group for a divine purpose. A blood relative, or not, your...
VIP Message for Lauren: As a child, I experienced an angel at the end of my bed. After being encouraged to explore this phenomena, I began experiencing...
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A trusting relationship

August 8, 2022

Hold onto love

August 1, 2022

A painter’s guide

July 26, 2022