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Serenity ~ Angel Message: 

Surrender what you can’t control to find serenity. The world gives you the false impression that you can have it all, instantly gratifying your wishes now. Over time, yes, it is possible to accomplish your objectives. Step by step, everything manifests in its own divine time. But, believing that everything is immediate and achievable at once is setting yourself up for failure. You can’t control all the elements, including the environment or people around you. However, you can control how you respond to outside circumstances. Do the best you can today to remain calm, knowing it will all work out.

Serenity is right here, right now. Put your attention on this present moment to accept peace, love, and joy in your life. Your soul knows this divine truth. Worrying about the future is unfounded because it doesn’t exist – it hasn’t happened. Yet, if you’re anxiety-ridden about what is to come, the future unfolds to meet your expectations. Uneasy thoughts about your past also make it difficult to find peace. It’s already happened, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Release thoughts about your past or future to find peace now.

Give up seeking perfection for serenity. You are beautiful, you are healthy, you are abundant, you are smart, and you are talented. You are perfect – as you are – at this moment. Believe. When you embody this divine truth, others will mirror that expectation back to you too. If you wait until you are that ideal person you plan to be; you’ll miss out on the life you are destined to live. The peace that you seek is always within you.

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