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Alarm ~ Angel Message:

There’s no need for alarm. Your body’s warning signals were not to scare you but built in to get your immediate attention. Hold steady in the face of adversity. You diffuse the situation by your response. Once things settle and you reassess the problem, you’ll realize things weren’t as bad as you previously believed. In fact, in this particular situation, it is a positive notification. Your inner guidance systems point a change in direction to answer prayers. 

Intuitive alarm signals come in many forms to alert the brain. Physical attacks such as shortness of breath, stomach aches, chest pain, a kick in the gut, nausea, dizziness, and or headaches are not always signs of an oncoming illness. They are warning signs validating your fears. Fears that aren’t always real but perceived based on previous experience. Redirect at once; stop whatever you are doing, turn around, and retreat until such symptoms pass. Clarity will resurface afterward. Take any helping hand for safe, forward passage. 

Pay particular attention to tangible alarms that grab your attention. If you receive an actual confirmation that validates your fear, don’t fret. Remain calm amidst the chaos – be the eye in a storm. Your neutral demeanor prevails to shed light on difficult circumstances. All is well because your heavenly support is without fail. They are always on the lookout for your highest well-being. 

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