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Balance ~ Angel Message:

You find that sweet spot for life balance. You know you’re off-balance when spinning circles like a top that’s out of control, not knowing what direction to take. You become wobbly following other people’s demands, dreams, or wishes. You can’t find solid ground when ricocheting off other people’s reactions, moods, or opinions. And there’s no settling when you haven’t experienced an ounce of peace, joy, or love throughout your day. There are, however, moments when everything syncs up. There’s flow-through chaos. You establish equilibrium when you’re poised with a mental steadfastness that it’s all going to work out okay. 

You find balance by coming back to your center. Reconnecting to your soul plugs you into a higher source woven into everything. You recognize daily synchronicities. A sense of stillness, peace, and strength overcome you by rediscovering that ‘I am – part of the self. The paradigm flips from looking at the outside world in but from seeing the world inside out. Return to your center and become presently aware of now by focusing on your breathing. In this sacred space, you’ll discover that you hold power to create your world. 

Restore balance by exercising your power of free will. Changing your thoughts changes the outcome of any experience. Choose the direction that makes your heart soar. Know that there are solutions to overcome every problem that you face. Choose to remain present and calm if someone explodes, expresses grief, or shares their pain. They are not you. Restore joy by recognizing the blessings in your life. When you see the silver lining to life’s biggest challenges, that’s when you discover your passage forward ~ again

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