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Rough ride
VIP Message for Jim: I had what I call a rough ride in this life. Lots of dreams and passions for something…I don’t know what is? I don’t seem to achieve my dreams and or wishes, despite trying so hard. I don’t seem to finish and or conquer nothing that will satisfy me. Lots of disillusion. My prayers are never answered. I feel like I was left alone to decide. I’m 57 years old. What do I need to do to make more sense of my existence?
Medium Laura Lee: You sound as if you hit a rough patch Jim and you are down in the dumps. This message may appear Pollyanna-ish given your question, but hang in there.
First, let me say, that we all have our days where we feel we’ve had it rough, worked hard, prayers not answered, and feeling all alone. In that you aren’t alone. This shall pass. Unless, of course, you suffer from depression and are on medication for treatment. This may mask what is really going on at soul level. Any substances such as drugs (recreational / medication) or alcohol can lower your vibe and keep things unclear, confusing and chaotic. IF, however, you take prescription medicine, I recommend you follow doctors order. If you aren’t talking to a counselor, I highly recommend you do (or a clergy member) and as well journal to deal with life’s anxieties. There are also things you can do to bring yourself back into the light. Give yourself TLC by doing the basics; Rest, exercise, eating a nutritionally sound diet (that energizes you) and engage socially.
No one is ever alone…truly. IF you are indeed feel alone on the physical planet, then it is by choice. There is always someone near by to reach out to say hello (offer a compliment or assistance), whether it is on the street, a subway, at work or wherever you maybe in the moment. Join a group, club, or church to engage socially. IF you feel alone from heavenly realms, then your grief (from any loss) can interfere with their messages. Resist the temptation to isolate yourself from others ~ and engage with the world around you including friends and family (restore connections if need be). To confirm this message, I sense a father figure, on other side, who remains close as a guide whose name is associated to yours as Jim and or James. He has given you ideas, and inspiration, to reengage distant family. Follow through.
It’s not about death ~ it’s about living life.
Second, you contradict yourself in the first two sentences; ‘Lot’s of dreams and passions for something I don’t know what…” AND “I don’t seem to achieve my dreams and or wishes, despite trying so hard.” So which is it Jim, you do or don’t know you’re dreams? Your conflicting thoughts clash and can work against you moving forward. The universe will support you in whatever direction without judgement. But the mixed messages in your head can cross wires in translation. This slows the process down. You apparently know your dreams quite well, because you worked hard for them. They were put there for a reason, pay attention. Read my Angel Message for 2017: TRUST. Try, try, try again. Keep on keeping on and don’t stop despite the bumpy ride which is in part of making the journey…incredible. 
Third, 57 is just a number. It doesn’t indicate your age ~ unless you have already stopped living. Just go do and don’t think about it what hasn’t been or what will be. Stay in the PRESENT moment. It is a gift to you now. Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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