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So sad
VIP message for Deidra: I have a question that is burning inside me. I don’t understand why I have no close friends, not even family. It’s the weirdest thing, because I’m a good person. This has been a problem my whole life and not just recently. And I’m 60! I’ve never inquired about it before because I don’t want anyone to think I’m a horrible person. No one hates me. I’ve never had closeness…or should I say Love. So sad.
Medium Laura Lee: I do not think you’re a horrible person. And you are not alone in this plight. It is an epidemic in our culture, especially now with the advancement of technology. Read; Would you consider to be my friend? and or cut/paste url into browser;  Or read; Lonely couple call 911 because their lonely and or cut/paste url into browser;
You have to be a friend to make a friend. 
I don’t think you necessarily have to write a note or call 911, but I think the point is simply made by reaching out to others for engagement. I have a sense you’ve had opportunities to build relationships with others, but you choose not to cultivate the relationship for whatever reason you may have at the time. You may have also said to yourself or others, previously, that you are okay and or enjoy being alone (I sense that this was started at a very young age due to outside circumstances, out of your control, and was created out of protection). Part of this dynamic, however, may be an unconscious belief that you are not worthy of love as a result of low self esteem. It takes effort inwardly and outwardly to make the shift. Are you willing to do the work?
God, universal power, source, creator, whatever you want to call it, did not create us to be an island of ourselves. We are symbiotic beings. It is a rare soul to survive without others in their life. The only person stopping you from having fulfilling connections ~ is you. There was a point, a long period in my life (for 20 years), where I was consumed by work. Then major changes swept through my life (cancer) where it made me rethink my priorities. I realized satisfying relationships were crucial for survival. I relocated near family and old friends ~  bonds I neglected over the years. I spent time rebuilding those relations through laughing, crying, fighting and forgiving 🙂 I even cultivated new relationships as a result of that inner shift. I know I’m not the easiest person to be around, but I keep on trying, because I learned life is a gift; you have to make the most of your time on Earth. You have got to want meaningful relationships in your life. You have got to love yourself enough to believe you deserve love in return. 
Love is a verb ~ take action. 
Nurture existing relationships in your life by writing a note/card, call out of the blue, start the conversation, do something nice (take chicken soup to a neighbor who has a cold or run an errand for someone, invite someone over for dinner, give someone flowers who is having a bad day) and you can always lend an ear; listen more often when having a conversation with others ~ a key to cultivating relationships. Also take a step to involve yourself, outside your normal boundaries (like home where it is safe), such as volunteer, community organization, church, hobby group (check out, gym or anything where the friend quotient is higher to cultivate a relationship.
Sending out love vibes will return ten fold.  
I recommend the following spiritual exercise to break old blocks that no longer serve you (By the way, becoming AWARE of your problem is the first step in healing 🙂 and send out the love vibration to increase the likelihood of cultivating bonds with others. I suggest you sit quietly and close your eyes. Visualize a light beam, from the heavens (like the Sun), shower upon you, releasing all old limitations that no longer serve you. IF you cannot visualize, pretending is as effective in this exercise. INHALE the light from the crown of your head all the way to your heart. EXHALE a light beam from your heart and envision a pink bubble around you. Do this three times, feeling and visualizing  your love bubble expanding outward all the while expressing (out loud if possible), “Thanks for blessing me with the universal understanding that I am connected to all in spirit ~ as one. I am enriched with bonds of true friendship and love everyday of my life.” Say whatever your heart wills to enrich this intention. Ask and you shall receive in no time at all. Perform this exercise every day before resting and before rising, and at any point you grieve being alone. Avoid dwelling on the idea you are alone or without love. Cancel the thought and reframe with a new intention.
I know from experience that making these conscious life changes will ensure a stronger connection to others. Change your mind and you’ll change your world around you. Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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