Hopeful – Angel Message:

A hopeful spirit keeps you motivated. You expect the best from yourself and others. Your positive outlook on the situation is a powerful force that encourages and inspires others around you. People rise to the occasion by showing up and delivering results. No matter how minor or major the details, they all make a difference in the big scheme of things. You know you can’t do it all alone. Your vision, leadership and gratitude payoff big dividends for those who follow. 

Being hopeful recognizes opportunities and accepts the challenges. It faces fear(s) head on by charging ahead despite the odds. You know what you’re up against but that doesn’t stop you, nor others, from moving onward. They follow because they believe in you and you believe in their ability and talent too. 

Being hopeful means you’re willing to do the work. And you don’t mind the least bit, because you know what it takes and what to do. You have an instinct for the right direction. This isn’t the first time you’ve been down this path. You’ve tried, tried, and tried again. By golly, this time around you got it what it takes to make it happen. 

Judy Henderson was, and remains, hopeful. “She raised her kids from prison for 35 years. Now that she’s free, she wants to keep helping imprisoned moms. For 35 years, Judy Henderson spent countless hours on a prison phone wishing she could hold her children. After a governor’s pardon set her free, she knew she couldn’t just forget about other moms like her.” READ MORE on CNN

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