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Grateful ~ Angel Message: 

A grateful spirit receives many rewards. By staying positive, or focusing on the blessings, you attract more of the same into your life. Alternatively, being negative, or concentrating on the problems, builds more roadblocks. You see both sides of the coin, but choose to keep heads up by counting your blessings. As a result, you clear the path from any and all obstructions. 

A grateful spirit is flexible, open and spontaneous. Your positive vibe is contagious. It opens doors of opportunities, including people. A greater force works details behind the scenes and sets the stage, giving you free passes. And you wouldn’t have noticed the possibilities if your head was clouded by fear. No longer short sited, your vision is crystal clear upon the direction which is most important. You embrace the events that transpire. No doubts it’s in your favor if it feels good to proceed. 

A grateful spirit attracts abundantly. The right people appear on the scene at the precise moment, the exact resources are made available and funds are accessible to you. A prosperous mindset get’s it done. All that you need or want the universe provides. You can’t look behind, when your chin is up and sights are set high; here and now. Everything is available with your eyes wide open.  

Graduates are grateful that their school days are behind and envision a bright future. Morehouse graduating seniors were even more so, when Billionaire Robert F. Smith announced he gave the university a grant to eliminate student debt for the entire class of 2019. READ MORE at The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Keep me posted ~ Bless, LL

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