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Surrender ~ Angel Message:

Surrender your fears. It’s too hard carrying that weight upon your body, mind and soul. It doesn’t make you anymore important than the next person to be busier, to worry more, to work harder, to overcome bigger obstacles, to carry more debt, to have more pain or be sicker. Stop comparing yourself to other people. It’s the egos trip to focus on all that’s wrong. Its objective is to make you small. Quite this monkey chatter in the mind. Avoid ruminating out loud how hard you’ve got it. This only reinforces what’s bad. You aren’t alone. Everyone has burdens to carry. But your fears do not make you anymore special than the next person. Let it all go. 

Surrender to the present moment. It is what it IS. Resisting what IS sends you into crisis mode. Anxiety amplifies everything and things appear worse. Instead of making logical decisions, you’re more likely to make choices based out of fear ~ and this is when things spiral out of control. Be present with yourself and those in close company. You’ll discover support is available. Tools and resources are accessible. You’re capable and stronger than you realized. And all you can do ~ is all you can do ~ right now. Your best is good enough. 

Surrender allows light to enter. Light reveals a bigger picture; truth. Things aren’t as bad as you thought. It’s going to be okay because more options are available than you realized. Funny thing, they’ve been there all along but hard to see it through the mind fog. Be grateful for how far you’ve come and with the little help you’ve had a long the way. More blessings will unfold from this frame of mind. 

“Sometimes it seems as if life is passing us by. When we are children, time ambles by, with endless car journeys and summer holidays which seem to last forever.” A Psychologist Explains What You Can Do to Slow It Down Read More Science Alert

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