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Hope and light
Messages of Love Story by Peggy:

Dear Laura Lee, I attended an event you held in Illinois. You read me in the audience and said that my (second) husband’s cell phone called our landline to tell me that he loved me. It wasn’t the first time this had happened. My first husband did the same thing. His phone dialed our telephone number (from the other side) to tell me he loved me too. My first husband, also in a dream, shouted in my ear to “LIVE!” We arranged a previous reading before your live event, where my husband (the first one) told you that I would be married again. So now I have two loving spirits guiding me, and you said to me that they were both arranging yet another wedding! I have been given a gift from you to believe and share your messages with my father (age 82) because he recently lost his wife – my mother. I also passed on your news to my sister and two brothers, giving us hope and light for this planet. Your insight helped us understand why we are here for one another. So, I am saying THANK YOU for your presence!! Peggy

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