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Possesses my home
Messages of Love Story by Emily
My previous homeowner’s spirit possesses my home.

He doesn’t give me any bad vibes but more warm feelings. I first discovered his presence when I was thinking of putting an offer on the house. I asked the real estate agent if the previous owner died in the master suite. The agent was taken back but confirmed my suspicion and said it was one of his old buddies. He said he was trying to sell the house for his children because they had trouble letting go. It had sat on the market for over two years. Our agent explained that his friend custom-built the home to raise his family. His explanation was good enough for me to make an offer that they didn’t refuse. I knew it was the right home for my family. You could feel the love within the house. 

The dwelling spirit told me not to remove the backyard’s decaying rose garden.

I do not have a green thumb and contracted a couple of guys to come over to remove the dead shrubbery. The week the guys were scheduled to come, the spirit appeared to me. He said that the garden was installed in honor of his late wife, who loved roses. The spirit said he would show me how to care for the flower bushes. And how was he going to help? Unless he actually got out there to do the work for me, I didn’t think much about his message. I didn’t want to relax among dead flowers. Plus, I didn’t have the time, or care enough, for roses.  

I ignored the spirit’s nudge until he gave me a physical sign. 

Our real estate agent unexpectedly reappeared at my front door after we moved in. He happily handed me a housewarming gift; a bottle of wine and a home gardening book. He pointed out that the book included a chapter to care for a rose garden! I don’t believe in coincidences. I immediately canceled our landscape guys and got to work pruning the garden per the book’s instruction. Our rose garden bloomed beautifully. Now I love roses. 

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