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Change ~ Angel Message

Change is in the air. The only constant in life is change. It’s part of our nature, just as we watch spring unfold around us. Your change will manifest in more ways than one for growth. It can occur as a physical transformation such as (but not limited to) a makeover, a relocation, restructuring responsibilities and or priorities that effect relationship dynamics. As a result, a mental and emotional shift occurs too. Naturally, change is neither bad nor good. It just is ~ and something needed to occur or you’d go stir crazy given how things were or were not progressing. 

Change brings about a complete synthesis. This is a conscious decision where you’ll feel more whole. It will bring about a sigh of relief. Things you once worried about are no longer a concern. It’s as if the universe overheard your worries and responded with an unexpected answer. Grace intercepted. More or less, divine intervention is working on your behalf. As always, it’s about timing that was perfectly coordinated by higher forces. 

Change requires patience. Things won’t be entirely perfect..but are they ever? At the very least, it is far better scenario than previously. That doesn’t mean it won’t require some tweaks here or there, but the details will iron out with time. So don’t fret about how it will play out. It will all be okay. Come back to the present moment by centering with your breath. As you embrace the peace within, your surrounding environment will respond in kind. It is meant to be. 

Change is happening on a national level that in turn will touch all lives. “Mueller finds no Trump-Russia Conspiracy but stops short of exonerating President on obstruction” The New York Times

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