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Financial hardship…future?

VIP Message for Tobi; Financial hardship…future? 

Tobi: Two years ago I got laid off from my job and it was a very scary experience for me. I’m single and have to support myself. I got lucky and found a higher paying job doing the same thing. Unfortunately it’s in retail and my new company has recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. We need an investor to come through in the next two weeks or we will have to liquidate. Even if we get an investor or purchaser they may not keep all corporate jobs. I’ve been very fearful because of my past experience. My question is; Will I encounter financial hardships in the future?  Thank you! Tobi

Medium Laura Lee: Whenever you’re in a pinch, you always come out on top Tobi ~ you intuitively know what to do. You have to remember that, last time, you found a higher paying job doing the same thing. And I believe this wasn’t a first. There was another job that went south (bad), you leapt and landed on your own two feet. Let the past be in the past. I understand your fear of the unknown, but that’s when you’re most alive. It keeps you on your toes. Fortunately, you are survivor; You’ll do what you got to do. Your source comes from within ~ not your employer or another corporation.

Do not allow your mind to run amuck assuming the worst case scenario. Cancel the thought immediately. Stay present. Breathe. And employ this exercise to overcome fear anytime it arises (also practice exercise before resting at night and rising for day). Be in a quiet space (or alone in your head 🙂 and visualize a light beaming upon you from the heavens washing away the fear, as if you stood in a shower washing away the grime down a drain. IF you can’t picture this in your mind, pretending is just as effective. Give thanks (shout it out loud if you can ~ if not, inside the mind) “Thank you for my high paying career. I can take care of all my needs!” I see you may make a transition to another organization that is a non-profit (or philanthropic type of group) were your skill set is transferrable. You’ll shine as a leader too.

You have some family, surrounding you from other side, who owned a farm (land) at one period. They were survivors; Weathering the seasons and always pulled through. They’ve got your back. And beside this, your programmed with their DNA!

Hope this helps Tobi. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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