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VIP Message for Lacy: Hi Laura, I am seeing a young girl at night. Both times I thought it was my oldest daughter. The first time when I realized it was not her, I actually went looking for her because I thought she had died and came to me. Last night the ghost actually touched me.  I knew something was terribly wrong from her face.  I screamed my daughter’s name because I thought she was choking. I thought she fell to the ground. I turned the light on and the girl was gone.  I went to my daughter’s room and actually woke her.  She was fine and not in my room. I don’t understand why I always feel like this is my daughter.  I don’t know if it is a premonition or warning of something to come for her.  I don’t know if it is someone completely different and I am assuming it is my daughter.  I don’t know if someone needs my help. I always felt the need to hurry? I have heard and seen things before, but I have never been touched by a spirit to be awakened. This is new. Please tell me what you can.

Medium Laura Lee: The good news is that everyone is okay Lacy. My immediate sense is a past life drama, with daughter, that hasn’t healed due to trauma. Touch, unfortunately, is used by spirit to get your attention. Yes, touch (better known as clairsentient; clear feeling) is freaky. You must be an extremely sensitive soul to see, hear and feel things in your environment. My recommendation is not to entertain the ‘thought’ that it is a premonition. Take your power back from these nightmarish scenarios.

You can control how you respond. 

Do the following exercise daily; Before falling asleep, wrap the house in white light. Visualize this image. If you cannot, pretend as if.  It is as effective because of your good intention.  See angels surrounding your house in a circle, ring around the rosy like, anchoring light from the heavens ~ showering light upon your family  and the house to clear all negativity from unwanted spirit activity.

While visualizing, say out loud this prayer/affirmation (or whatever you want to call it);

“I welcome into my sacred space all angels of white light to watch over us. Help us fall fast asleep, soundly in your divine protection, with sweet dreams until mornings light. When we wake, I know we’re safe in the presence of angels.”

You can add/delete whatever comes to your heart while saying this prayer. I practice this invocation since becoming a mother to give me peace at night, as well as not to be disturbed by spirits! I also invoke the lights protection around myself and family before our daily whereabouts to keep us from all harm.

We cannot control everything, or everyone, in our environment, but we can control how we respond. I know with practice you’ll find peace with this exercise for mind, body and soul. Hope this helps.

PS You may want to learn more about your sensitive nature and how to manage by joining my upcoming tele-seminar to Contact Your Departed, or spirits, on Wednesday, July 17.

Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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