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What’s your rush
Your Spirit Message: What’s your rush all about?


Does the adrenaline of keeping busy make you feel productive or more important than the next person, deliriously happy or spinning circles with no end to the cycle of madness? Consider the sacrifices you miss daily, avoiding meaningful connections when you are always on the go to accomplish your check-off list. The world’s convenient mindset dismisses the value of time: your time. The need to please outside pressures reminds you that you need to be, do, and have more if only you achieve a specific marker at a particular time in life. That attitude always makes you feel left behind. The truth is that you’re exactly where you need to be right here, right now.


What’s your rush to multitask as many things possible in a day?


The world won’t stop, and you won’t perish if your work, to-do list, is not accomplished today. Staying busy to appear productive makes you less effective. Mindlessly speeding from point A to point Z doesn’t make anything come about any faster. It only causes stress, anxiety, and depression to delay you from ultimately achieving your objective. You’re distracted from seeing the essential pieces right before your eyes that can make your life flow more gracefully. Rest, recuperate, and revive your mind and spirit during the day or week. It will open your mind. Maintaining a steady speed will help you have a clear view of the road ahead.


What’s your rush to compete with others to a finish line?


It’s imaginary and the ego’s program that you must modify something to rise above the bar. Someone with more or less wealth, beauty, knowledge, degrees, and friends does not make them any better, worse, or more intelligent than you. Stop comparing yourself with people who are different. Like you, everyone has strengths, weaknesses, blessings and challenges. Combined, they all serve as assets, not deficits, to your unique characteristics. Opportunities come and go, but the one designated for your higher good always arrives on divine time.

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