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Child of yours
Spirit Story Message: Child of yours


Hello there, Radio Medium community!

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. I’m reaching out with some exciting news from an episode of our journey together on the Radio Medium Laura Lee Show. We took a deep dive into the mystical, spiritual world, and I can’t wait to share the insights and heartfelt moments that unfolded. We joined Elizabeth, who called from the sun-kissed landscapes of Arizona. The conversation that ensued was captivating when we reconnected with her late husband, Steve, who was instantly recognizable to his Lizzy when he mentioned their wedding day photo, where they shared cake joyously. Elizabeth confirmed that she and the love of her life had been married for 28 years and had hoped he would bring answers concerning their child.


Family Ties That Bind


Elizabeth’s late husband shared that she had much to look forward to in life with the blessings of their first grandbaby, who was only one year old. The couple’s family bonds were felt across the airwaves but not equally shared with a new daughter-in-law, who kept Elizabeth’s son and grandchild at arm’s length. Losing her husband and the separation from her children was too much for this mother. The channeled spirit messages, however, brimmed with guidance and comfort about her family’s future.


Navigating Life’s Crossroads


The heart of our discussion centered on Elizabeth’s pressing concern about being a part of her grandchild’s life. She questioned if the divide meant the child wasn’t her son’s or her child’s. Steve, her late husband, reassured her to be patient and that the young lady was in unfamiliar territory, like herself. With potential layoffs on the horizon, our caller sought direction for their son’s security for his family. He offered not just foresight but also actionable advice.


Embracing Change with Open Arms


Change can be daunting, but Elizabeth’s tone was a beacon of hope for any listener who has lost a mate. While she acknowledged wearing her wedding band long after his departure, she was curious about his opinion on selling their family home. He encouraged his bride to step forward with confidence. The message was clear: a network of support, be it family or friends, awaits to catch us when we leap.


A Glimpse Beyond The Veil


I’m genuinely humbled to have been part of such a profound exchange and even more thrilled to bring this experience to you. If you’re curious about the unseen support surrounding you or need a reminder that you’re not alone in life’s challenges, you must listen to our full episode, “Child of Yours,” or on your favorite podcast forum. Remember to subscribe for more episodes that touch the soul and spark the mind. Who knows? You might find the guidance you’ve been seeking or the reassurance that your loved ones are always with you, in spirit and heart. Until next time, keep exploring, stay curious, and remember – we’re all in it together!

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