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A soul contract
VIP Message for Leanne:

One question is for my daughter, Olivia, who is now in spirit; Would doing hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and energy work heal cancer, or was it a soul contract for her to have a short life? Thanks, Leanne

Laura Lee: I’m very sorry for your loss, Leanne. What you experienced is unimaginable for any parent. And I don’t believe anyone has the right answer to life’s biggest mystery about life and death, but I’ll do my best to read your crucial question. 

No one is getting out of here alive, no matter how hard we try.

From what I’ve learned in my work, I believe it’s up to the individual’s soul to have a short or long life span. We all have exit points throughout life, but that doesn’t mean we have to take advantage of them. It seems spirits leave when they are ready despite the circumstances; trauma, disease, or any other ailment of the body or mind. I’ve known people who used alternative and western medical practices to heal and perish. 

We choose when it’s time to leave our earthly physical bodies.

knew it wasn’t my time when I was diagnosed with cancer, no matter what anyone said otherwise. I used all the tools in the box when my life was on the line, including western medicine, the alternative healing strategies you mentioned, and more. I am grateful for the assistance of all my earth angels and my divine guides to be a survivor for 20 years. However, my naturopathic and acupuncturist helped me and thousands of people heal from terminal illnesses. Yet, he couldn’t save his life with the same methodologies and western medicines when he was diagnosed with cancer. He was young, strong, and practiced every health measure in the book. 

I believe we instinctively know when it’s our time to let go.

Your daughter says a doctor set her course, which helped her decide. She wholeheartedly believed the dismal forecast predicted and lost her will to live life. However, she wishes that everyone would accept her decision as she thought it was the best course of action at the time. Her sweet soul desired to unite her family rather than push them apart upon coming home; everything you all did was soul healing.

Emily’s spirit is very much alive among you.

Wearing her clothes may give you that sense she’s very much a part of you at the moment, but it’s deeper than her clothes; she’s your heart, body, and soul. Her spirit gave you a gift for the short time she was with you on Earth. Once you discover why she came into your life and what she offered you, you will be able to find more profound meaning in your union to transcend her passing. You’ll be able to share the gift she bestowed upon you with others.  

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