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What are orbs
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What are orbs, and why am I suddenly seeing them in videos? God bless you, Kaia McNeil

In my professional experience, orbs of light are angels.

The smaller, twinkling kind are elements, angels that watch over Earth and animals. Orbs can float, flash, or zip across a room randomly and suddenly disappear. They also appear in different shades of color. Our dearly departed spirit can also materialize as an orb.

Like ‘Glenda, the good witch,’ in The Wizard of Oz, who appeared as an orb.

Clients have sent me images where they saw balls of light in pictures. Some say it’s the light reflecting on the lens, but that’s not always the case. I’ve seen spheres exhibit clear, discernable faces of their loved ones or another person. The closest thing I can find you now is an image on my website where a woman captured a loved one’s face in a vase during a wedding; Watching Me

It is much like the woman’s image in the vase; you discern a face in the orb. The spirit has no intention of scaring you when they appear in this manner. Their strong life force should make you feel at peace, warm, in awe, and wonder. The bottom line is if you believe that the ball of light is a guardian, it’s your angel. However, if you feel that the light beam is a loved one, trust it!

I sense a dearly departed is appearing in your videos.

They serve as your guardian to keep you focused here and now. The orbs only became apparent after his passing to confirm the message. He wants you to know that the worst is behind you now, and it’s time for you to move on with life by starting to see the blessings around you. You have a lot of love to share with the world.

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