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Transformation ~ Angel Message

An inner transformation shifts your sights to the light. Things happen out of your control; it’s part of life. There’s no sense worrying about it. Instead of being reactive, now you become proactive. More importantly, you do not let darkness consume your thoughts. You take the high road by exerting more energy in constructive pursuits that fill your soul with light.

True transformation brings about peace. You know it is the right path when you start to feel a sense of peace; mind, body and spirit. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is easier, there’s still challenges, but you have hope. You’ve set your sights higher by gravitating towards counsel, support and comfort of people or situations that empower you. These changes dissolve previous challenges. 

Love is the antidote for transforming fear. When you focus on the light, shadows disappear. Fear can’t exist in love’s threshold. You restore personal power when you disengage from a disempowering situations or persons who brought about grief. A little tender loving care can do wonders for your state of being too. Refocus your attention on the present by being grateful for who or what you currently have. Go for a walk, talk to a friend who cares, listen to music or cook a lovely dinner restores inner harmony. Your love surpasses all obstacles, allowing forward movement.

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