Beauty ~ Angel Message: You recognize beauty by a single moment. As ugly as it may appear, at times, there is something to be said...
Patience ~ Angel Message; Practice patience without trouble or worry about what will or won’t happen. Find your zone by minding your own business. Don’t...
Transformation ~ Angel Message An inner transformation shifts your sights to the light. Things happen out of your control; it’s part of life. There’s no...
Faith: Angel Message You take a leap of faith. Someone, and or something transpires this week, giving you a gentle nudge. This support boosts your...
Angel Message for Week: Accept You learn to accept who IS as they are or what IS as it IS. This is important for evolving past...
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Trust guidance

Trust guidance

June 1, 2022

What physical signs

May 16, 2022

Crystal clear

May 3, 2022