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Angel Message for wk 5/18 – Power: The ‘angel of power’ visits you this week. She holds a staff up to the light to assist you in reclaiming your power. What does it mean to reclaim your power? It means that you have forgotten who you are as a child of god that deserves to be happy, at peace and loved. Resisting this space, that already resides within you, is by choice. Be honest with yourself this week where you are drained. You can’t control anyone (or how they behalf) or circumstances. The only thing you can control is how you respond to the other person or the situation. Your ego is fighting ‘what is’, it justifies the pain (anger, hate, sorrow, ) believing those emotions hold some kind of magic power over another person. But this only hurts you in the long run. IF you can’t give it up, and restore a sense of balance by yourself, invite the ‘Angel of Power’ to take the burden from you, see yourself hand ‘it’ over to this Angel and ‘bless’ them/it so that your heart is restored with peace, love and joy. You may have to do this a few times before a sense balance is restored. You’ll know it works when you witness a healing occurs either with that other person(s) or situation in your life. Healing happens when you find peace within….”As it is in heaven, so it is done on Earth.” This happened to me yesterday when I tried to paint my wooden deck. I couldn’t open a paint can, which angered me, but what surfaced in my anger was more than a can of paint not opening. A recent memory of how I thought someone had done me wrong came to mind and I festered over it for a long while before recognized that the anger caused me pain. This is human and it is okay to acknowledge my anger. It’s how I felt, but is is soooo draining to continue to process these heavy emotions. I nearly gave up on the task that I set before me. After blessing the heck out of the person(s), and the situation, I had a revelation of compassion for the other person(s), which made me see the bigger picture, and my role for upholding this angst in my heart. I let it go. With my energy restored, I went to my business and finished that deck. It’s was so much easier. This morning, before writing this message, I had communicated with this person and all was well. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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