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Angel Message for wk 5/11 ~ Play: I see a couple of angels playing ball, having fun, without a care in the world (except the ‘angels’ in the picture are probably really serious about winning their game!). However, I think the two are intrinsically tied ~ if it is about winning, or overcoming a heavy duty challenge, having fun (or playing), puts the odds in your favor. REALLY. This is what will happen this week when the ‘angels of play’ visit, nudging you to say yes to ‘play’, by engaging with others, to let go for a little while. Play is just as important to your well being as is getting plenty of rest, eating healthy choices, and a bit of exercise. A little bit of TLC can go a long way, since play also frees your mind to explore possibilities, inspire you, giving you ideas that you hadn’t thought about previously to tackle day to day matters. I just read a story about a mother who dealt with a pending health crisis, cancer, by helping her daughter produce and host a youtube show that critiques toys. The Mommy and Gracie Show’ has turned into a sensation on the web where they not only have fun, but also pull in nearly $40-$50K a year. Hopefully it doesn’t take a crisis for to realize the importance of play ~ so seize the opportunity when it is presented to you this week. You’ll be grateful you did…Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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