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Angel Message for wk 5/26 ~ Play: The ‘angels of play’ are back 🙂 So funny, because my daughter woke up this morning singing ‘Take me out to the ball game!’ as if it were a clear signal coming from the angels! And I saw those same angels still having fun, without a care in the world (except the ‘angels’ in the picture that are probably really serious about winning their game!). But this time round,  you are cognizant of the fact that an opportunity of ‘play’ is presented to you and you seize it without hesitation….As where before you have may have had someone coax/beg you into the idea, or even manipulate you, into playing. But, I think it is easier this week (than it was previously in the month on 5/11 ~ may want to reread this post), especially if you have kids, because school is either out or they are excited to get out, and you want to spend your time enjoying those activities that come right along with summertime fun which includes the outdoors such as: concerts, ballgames, cookouts/picnics, camping, swimming, fishing, amusement parks, summer camps, camping and vacations which are a few things that maybe pop up on the agenda. This down time is necessary to refuel your spirit. A lot of us worry about taking time off, simply because of ‘what we have to do’ or ‘what we should do’ on our list~ but have some faith that in the end, the time out will propel you further ahead of the game. Welcome your feedback ~ Bless, LL

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