Obedience II

Angel Message for April: The ‘Angel of Obedience’ has extended her visit for another month. She wants to be sure you got her signal! She’ll guide you to be aware and abide all signs which can be tangible; Street lights, road names, or a billboard. It can be a sign that someone is holding and catches your attention. It can come across as numbers. And as well as the signals your body sends you (Review 2017 message; TRUST). Pay special attention to your messages. You’ve asked for help/healing regarding an ailment/situation that plagues your heart. This is the angel that offers the guidance that you seek. Becoming aware is the first step to begin the healing process. It may be you need more confirmation. IF so, this month reemphasizes her previous point (especially if you’ve seen the direction pointed out to you three or more times!) ~ now it’s time you take action. A willingness to educate yourself by reading or gathering information. Follow through on all sources that miraculously appear and resonate. You’ll be rewarded with satisfying results ~ and harmony for your mind, body, and soul! Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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