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My sister (from other side)

VIP Message for Arianna: My daughter thinks my sister (from other side) may have tried to contact her. Here’s the story; My daughter is a student getting her BFA in acting. This summer she was taking a summer intensive class in San Francisco. My daughter is also a singer. She was in her college dormitory bathroom, singing of course, because she is always singing, and one of her friends came in and said, “You have a beautiful voice. You sound like a Celtic Goddess, like the Celtic Women!” Here’s the thing; All this too place Friday, July 6th, which was the one year anniversary of my sister’s passing. My sister, my daughter’s aunt, were extremely close. My daughter did not have children of her own. She adored my daughter. My sister took my daughter to her first concert, The Celtic Women, and paid for a lot of my daughter’s singing lessons when she/we could not afford them. My daughter and sister used to watch the Celtic Women on TV all the time. Anyway this girl said my daughter sounded like the Celtic women and kept telling my daughter how beautifully she sounded. The girl’s eyes filled with tears. She told my daughter she didn’t know why she wanted to cry other than she felt so overwhelmed. My daughter told her about her aunt’s anniversary and the connection to Celtic Women. The girl relaxed and thanked my daughter for being part of the experience. My daughter was not sad or happy, just confused, and also content that she had this connection to her favorite aunt. What do you think?

Medium Laura Lee: Thanks for sharing Arianna ~ Love it! There’s no thinking about it…your daughter ABSOLUTELY connected with her Aunt. I’d say your daughter’s confusion came from the inexplicable. You can’t rationalize out of these sort of  connections. Contact with higher realms defies everyday normal thinking; Anniversary date, singing, lessons, Celtic Goddess ~  and Celtic Women?! This isn’t something others would understand unless they had a personal experience. How blessed is your daughter to have a personal experience with her Aunt?! And your daughter sharing her story, was to connect your sister with you as well (for healing and closure).

Your daughter’s singing (as with any activity such as dancing, play, exercise, rest, etc) allowed for transmission from the other side to occur ~ almost naturally. The girl, who served as the ‘medium,’ was inspired by the music and it opened her heart to channel. Both girls were open vessels to receive communication, which is what I teach students in my psychic mediumship mentor program.

Speaking of which…Didn’t you go through my Contact your Departed tele-seminar? 🙂 

Your sister is your daughter’s Sprit Guide from Heaven ~ as she was a guide for her on Earth too. With that said, I believe your sister had a bigger message for your daughter. Not only does your daughter have the ability to deliver, and to trust that she can pull people’s heart strings, but that she immediately contact Celtic Women to make her name known to sing with this group. Please encourage her to seize the day; She’s ready to audition for her role (I see her auditioning). Remind her to never give up on this dream ~ her aunt is helping open doors for this opportunity!

Is your daughter at Carnegie Mellon…and/or tried, and or it is her wish to attend this University? Again, no coincidence, but divine providence and confirmation; My daughter, also a singer, wishes to attend Carnegie Mellon ~ which can explain further why we were brought together for this exchange.

Hope this helps ~ Keep me posted on your daughter’s journey.

Bless, LL

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