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Doesn’t smell right

VIP Message for Rachel: Hi Laura Lee! I had a phone session with you in February 2017. It was so helpful…thank you! I had the moldy home and was having health problems from it. We moved to a different home (that had a bathroom pipe leak/mold issue) but it has been taken care of. The middle school, that my daughter attends, had a huge mold problem a year ago (roof leak) and they said it was all taken care of but I can smell mold in certain places. Next school year, I will have 2 girls at that school. I am trying to find out if they should attend that school and or ask the Principal to not have them in the gym, covered play area, chorus room…or if I need to homeschool? I don’t want their health to suffer any more. Thank you for sharing your guidance. This one is really confusing me.

Psychic Medium Laura Lee: Yes, yes, I remember talking to you about that moldy home Rachel ~ Surprised you’re still carrying this ODD burden! There is a reason for everything. I believe you are there to draw attention to the school’s health hazards for the good of others.

I believe facing the issue, tackling straight on, instead of running from this situation is a matter of importance for you, your family and the children/people who attend the school. When we run away from problems, we drag the issue with us until we face it. For instance, leaving the first home only to contend with mold in the second home ~ again. While the school claimed the issue was remedied, your higher sense is telling you otherwise. Trust that something doesn’t smell right. The people who said the mold was taken care of might not have used a contractor who cleared water damage / mold properly. Investigate the contractor who completed the work to see if they were certified to clear water damage. Further more, these same people who said issue is non-existent might go unaware; Not have intuitive senses (clairsentient; clear feelings that include scent) as keen as psychic mom Rachel to smell the noticeable scent. I would get into the school’s face to have them double check on the moldy areas, more specifically the gym, covered play area, chorus room. Heck, have them investigate the whole darn school and double checking the previous contractor’s work to see if it was done correctly the first time. A squeaky wheel gets oiled!

If they don’t listen, petition parents (involve your girls help) and submit to school board. Children, including your own babes, need a safe learning environment for the socialization skills they need to face the world. This would be a perfect summer project while school is out of session. LOL 🙂 I can hear you saying, ‘Right, I’ll put that on my checklist for one more thing to fit into my already busy schedule!’ The easiest thing is to ditch it all and walk away Rachel. Yes, you can do that too. But, think about it; There is a reason you dealt with these matters twice before. You finally took the bull by the horn and remedied the situation. You know what’s entailed in the process, whereas others may not and or may not take the situation as seriously as you because they are unaware of the consequences.

Plus, I believe your intervention may lead to something bigger for you in the end and it might be a blessing you are searching for.

Speaking of which, who the heck do I smell smoking around you ~ maternal, female on other side. And or is this you? Air quality seems to be upmost importance to this person ~ and this matter is not to be taken lightly when it comes to babes. This is a confirmation to the ‘message from above’ ~ literally.

Hope this helps. Bless, LL

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