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VIP Message for Mike: I am trying to decide the next step in my life. I am trying to decide if I should live in Indianapolis and rent an apartment downtown or if I belong somewhere else. Also, I have been toying with the idea of switching careers. I would like to know what direction you see me heading? Mike

Psychic Medium Laura Lee: You’re exactly where you should be Mike ~ at all times. There’s a reason for your location now (family bonds is my sense), however be flexible, because something other than you expected might draw you back into the city ~ this isn’t the first time. You’ve been flexible in earlier years, bouncing around the state, yet somethings blocking your progress now; I sense it surrounds family matters that must be cleared. I also sense fear of the unknown ~ but that’s a great space to be. You’re on the ledge and this feeling means you’re most alive! 🙂 Don’t make any sudden moves while you’re in this zone. Wait till it passes and you’re crystal clear ~ when you’re compelled without pause. I sense an opportunity will open a door and give you the spring forward in that direction. Eventually, you’ll spin out of the state due to the changes and shifts you’re making at light speed. And this move may take you westward bound (see mountainous region). 

I recommend listening to; Rebirth; 5 signs for spiritual transformation  and or cut/paste url into browser to link;

This may explain to your personal transition. Be patient and breathe ~  time when and where to go directly. 

You are guided by a family spirit who has your name (not last) that guides your passage. And I’m also told a relationship change has freed you from the past leaving the future wide open to go on your next adventure. 

Hope that helps ~ keep me posted! 

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