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VIP Message for Grace: My sister, Elizabeth, recently passed on. We are a very close family of 5 children and Liza was a year older then me. Anyway, it’s been haunting me as to why she passed so quickly. My heart is broken. I hope I will eventually feel her near me or at least that she is at peace. I was just wondering if you can connect with her and see if she might have a message for me?

Medium Laura Lee: There are no words that can convey how sorry I am for your loss. And do hope that I can shed a little light.

Elizabeth’s passing had nothing to do with you nor your family of close siblings. I see pills, prescription perhaps, and some not prescribed that may have caused challenges. These masked a deep pain and suffering that she couldn’t process. It’s as is she was in a mental fog. Couldn’t climb out of it. Lots of inside turmoil that she couldn’t seem to get past. This includes grieving the loss of a relationship that made her intensely ill…her heart had broken too. 

Elizabeth, sometimes referred to as Beth (by a close man who was in her life ~ I have something with a ‘D’), hasn’t left your side. It’s hard to see or feel with a broken heart, because you’re internalized too deep. It’s normal to grieve, however, don’t excuse this from living your life; it is a gift. In time, you’ll recognize her presence by remaining engaged with friends and family. It’s your turn to take on the matriarch role to keep everyone close. I also see another woman, in spirit, by her side who helped her cross over. This woman is a maternal mother figure. Both women appear at peace by remaining close at heart to their family. They hear you when you talk about them ~ and directly to them 🙂 Finally, I’m shared that their name(s) will be passed onto another generation to honor their spirit. I hope this helps. Bless, LL

Dear Laura: Thank you, this helps a lot. You are spot on about everything. But I’m not surprised, that’s why I wrote to you. My mother passed in March, so I know she helped her cross over, and I also know Liza was declining without my mother. I was grieving myself and didn’t see it was that bad. I am happy to know she is close by and she and my mother hear me. I miss them both. I feel very stuck sometimes. I am a little emotionally overwhelmed. This all helps me to move on. Anyway, please know I appreciate this very much. Sincerely, Grace


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