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Good or bad sign

Good or bad sign ~ VIP Message: 

Laura, can you tell me if this a good or bad sign? I came across an owl tonight. My friend Sophia died on April 8, and her one-year is coming up. She was obsessed with owls, and she died from an OD. I knew it was her, but also, I read online that owls mean death or wisdom. Becka

Laura Lee: The owl’s presence blessed you, Becka.

I don’t receive anything sinister from this bird in terms of forecasting death.

If anything, the owl, like all birds, are messengers from heaven.

This owl is indeed a spiritual guide signaling that there is wisdom in death and that life goes on.

The bird appears to you from the darkness.

It was Sophie’s state of mind before crossing.

Yet, it was your friend’s way to say, perched up above, “I’m looking out for you and I’m okay.”

You have to consider online sources with a grain of salt.

A message on the web is interpreted based on the author and or the reader’s state of mind; hope or misery.

For more insight, I suggest reading Angel Message: Reconnect

I hope this helps.

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